The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The story of the heroes never becomes too boring for humans. Because throughout their lives from childhood to old age, they always dreamed of being a great accomplishment. As a kid, adult stories about heroic killing monsters are always the ideal image of children as adults. But life changes so quickly and pushes them to the reality of never being the hero.

Therefore, the entertainment industry was born to serve the wishes of people and if the products meet that will become a great success. We can see Marvel and DC’s superhero movies and comedies have a huge fan base around the world. And their sales are always on the high end. Concerning the game market, it’s definitely the product of heroic killers who are always evilly debuted every year. But the games become viral and still exist in the hearts of fans after many years there are only a few games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series is one of Nintendo’s most successful series

Sure, if you have never played this game or know it yet, the Nintendo brand is enough to make you curious a bit. If you miss the trailer for it, then the curiosity to find it to play is inevitable. Because it is one of the company’s most successful blockbuster and continues to be produced annually to maximize revenue.


First, the adventures of young heroes begin with the quest to find monsters and targets that ordinary people fear. On the way to the destination, you will have to go through the vast, beautiful land throughout Hyrule. The wildlife here is attractive enough to make you always move forward to find out and also dark enough for you to step away. Hard hikes to monstrous monsters blocking your way and destroying you are always challenges that require courage and persistence. Remember to hunt for the essential ingredients and food to survive long distances. With the Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy it wherever you want.

Besides, there are more than 100 Shrines of Trials for you to explore and discover. Places where you can engage in and seek out the source of terrible power. Every adventure that a new difficulty you can not predict, only when you engage in it can be experienced. Sometimes you face realistic physic powers, and sometimes you have to fight with nature’s source of energy such as electricity, wind, fire, and more.

Actually, in a battle, preparation is always more important than fighting. So you need to prepare yourself for the perfect tactic in every situation, work hard to improve your movement skills and equip yourself with the items with the most appropriate weapon.


This game belongs to a series of games named The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that has too many parts. And you must forget all the things you know about before because the game mentions the most different features than the previous games. So if you have a chance, you should play this game and even this series immediately. With the Nintendo Switch or your smartphone in short some future, players can enjoy the game everywhere.

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