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You may have known the great inventor Nikola Tesla. His name was recognized for many electromagnetic revolutionary contributions throughout the late nineteenth century. It was these contributions that enabled us to have the current of electricity available today. One of the great works of his life was the Tesla coil, a high voltage wireless transmitter and now has many unique applications. Because of the specialty of this Tesla tower, the Playdigious publisher has created a game called Teslagrad. If you feel curious, let me explore the content of this game offline.


The story of Teslagrad takes place in the old European steampunk, revolves around a boy who is engaged in a long-forgotten plot. He got lost in the Tesla Tower and was hit by a curse with the fist of the authoritarian king at that time. Only the iron fist can save him out of the tower is hidden in these mysteries. He not only had to find his fist but also had to overcome the pitfalls along with the dangerous creatures in the tower. In the process of finding a way out, more mysteries are present in front of him. Can you go out safely, or be buried with these secrets forever?


Teslagrad’s main gameplay is a combination of platform and puzzle style. The only key to getting past the puzzle of this game is using an electromagnetic force. Everywhere in the tower appear electromagnetic, your use of iron fist to use reasonable force will lead you out of danger. On the way you will encounter the iron barrel, they have two states are red and blue. When you force the iron fist on them will cause them to change color. When red, they will lie on the ground, while in green they will be raised.

Sometimes they will be a barrier to your path, but sometimes you also need their help to overcome the barrage of screen-bars or strange creatures. Monsters are not excluded, many will attempt to kill you, but they are also things that help you switch the state of the boxes when you can not do it yourself. With a series of the incredibly complex maze, you will gradually have to debug each map, understand what you need to do to overcome them. You will have to think and watch pretty much because the objects in this game are closely linked together.


Teslagrad has been published on the OS Wii U, PS3 and PC. So, this game is responded by a large number of players, so the publisher decided to develop on the mobile platform. This game has achieved quite impressive achievements, such as the best 2D graphics design of Unity or the best and most attractive game in Europe. Right now, you can download this great game for just under $ 7.

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