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Have you ever seen Jerry Bruckheimer’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie? It is a series of fictional folk hero movies revolving around the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow at sea. Mentioned perhaps no one is unknown because of its popularity. I watched all the five-part series in this series, it was exciting and also a couple of times, I wished to be a small part of his ship, with him travelling, trading and fighting everywhere. This category has long been regarded by many game publishers as well. Recently, the recently released Oasis Games, a new publisher, has released a super-product called Ocean Legend. Promising to bring you many exciting things

Adventure and fight on the blue sea

When participating in the game, you will be offered many giant warships for different purposes. You have a warship; the ship is fully equipped with guns and weapons to attack essentially. There are so many dangerous and dangerous threats in the ocean, always on the lookout for them and checking the level of friendliness. Also, do not get too close to them and keep a certain distance from them, because the cannons on the ship can shoot at any time. We do not know what their purpose is, whether to explore the world, explore new lands or maybe they are looking for treasure and looting in the sea? Take precaution. You will also be equipped with a ship to be able to trade, trade

Become a real trader, buy at reasonable prices and sell at high prices to be able to record massive profits. The price will always change by the minute, choose the right time to market offline, please note that the best item that is gold in West Africa, you will regain the great benefits if they sell them there. Earned, you can use them to upgrade your ship in all aspects: power, speed, navigation, … and many other functions for you to explore. There is another ship, that is the scout ship. This ship has a high speed of movement, it allows you to spy on new lands, where you can trade, steady terrain and check to see if there are any dangers to the ship.

On the controls, with the adventure game genre is easy to find, probably will not make trouble for you. In the bottom left corner of the screen is your rudder, you can navigate your ship by touching the steering wheel directly and rotating it. The right side of the screen functions to help you adjust the speed of the ship and help you shoot bullets, destroying the threat.


Characters play an essential role in controlling your ship. There will be four locations on the ship, with four characters that you must have. You will be selected, and each character will have a different attribute, strength and function. All the agility, intelligence, power of the characters are enough, you earn a lot of money from the big deal, to upgrade the character. They will be more beautiful than ever.

With Ocean Legend MOD game, you will find yourself adventure with the ocean, explore the new land, fight with the horrible pirate, become traders with significant profits. What are you waiting for, join the adventure right now?

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