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To me, this detective game is one of the hardest genres. You just have to calculate logic, inference, chaining many facts, just go back and forth a number of times to look for traces are not clear. To win a game is extremely difficult because in fighting games you have the target, clear opponent to destroy. Here you can only trace and expose the truth when gathering enough evidence, can not map out a certain favourite. Have to improvise. Jenny LeClue: Detectivu is a brand new game of Mografi that has just been announced on the launch schedule recently. Just yesterday, the game was released the first trailer for everyone is interested in a more general view of the game. Let me know a bit.

Unique character style

Play the role of a detective

When I first saw the trailer for the first time, my impression was entirely on how the designer chose to convey the character and context through handcrafted shapes. The adventures seem mysterious and terrifying. If high graphics games threaten you with hideous images, this game is obsessive about unnatural images. You will have to decide what is right or wrong, separated by an extremely thin line. It’s a metanarrative with delightful surprises and interactions. Extremely deep events to challenge adults, combined with complex and mysterious characters without answers make a game hard to deny even for young people or adults.

Jenny is the main character of the game

Character Introduction – Plot

Jenny is a great detective. She has sharp eyes, talented speculators but a peaceful city. Honestly, around her, there were no interesting cases to shake her mind. Jen begs for her life to give her a true adventure. And all that was needed came, her mother was accused of murder. It seems this situation exceeds the expectations of this little girl. She will have to go out, use all her skills and find the truth, freeing her mother. The murderer is still out of the law, relatives are still in custody, this situation forced Jenny to plunge into danger, despite the difficulty finding the truth.


  • The beautiful handmade art style
  • A Living World shows you the darkest side of life. Players have to face it and try to solve the problems.
  • Choosiness On A Massive Scale because your choice will give effects to the future storyline
  • Intriguing dialogues, bearing many humanistic meanings. Players should pay attention to be able to decipher hidden puzzles.
  • A game for all ages, the details in the game is not too violent. Players only need to use their minds to overcome challenges
  • The game has received a lot of positive reviews from the gaming community, especially the big news sites like IGN.
  • The graphics of the game are designed in cartoon style. Characters are also built on simple 3D cubes
  • If you love vintage style, this is the game that you need to look at

Sum up

Mysterious sound, images are different from normal games, the story deeply makes this game has a very intense attraction to gamers in general. If you love it, do not wait to load it on the day it’s released. Jenny LeClue: Detectivu APK will be officially released in 2018 for all platforms. Android users can download it for free at our website.

The game has not yet been officially released, visit the game’s official website ( to subscribe to the previous experience.

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