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The children I live in are watching Adventure Time every day. They expect each episode to be broadcast on the Cartoon Network (some of which are previewed on the Internet, but most are still on TV) and discuss each of the strange adventures. Exciting things to do that make childhood filled with their dreams are more interesting. Those things made me feel my childhood’s rush about. A few days ago, Ludosity just released a trailer for their new game with the same theme as Adventure Time. The fact that this is already the second version, the first version is also available for the gamer. Ittle Dew 2 promises to give the player a more engaging and nostalgic experience than the first. The investment of the manufacturer is rewarding when received positive feedback from people interested in the game.


The story is about the adventures of Ittle and the loyalty dog, Tippse. However, the opening is not a chase or a tough fight but the scene is both boring floating drift (Ittle also lying on the tummy of Tippse as well). It seems that for a long time they have not been involved in a grand journey. And then a few days later, both of them slipped into an island, where “probably” was fun waiting for both of them and some good foods too. Oh woah !!! They lost to a little lake ??? What happened here? The future arrives really fun but no less challenging.

Gameplay: adventure in the open world

This is not an adventure for those who are frustrated or give up. Not only does this require brave people, but they also need intelligent minds. You can not fully rely on the power, but you must find the right weapons to solve the problems and go beyond. Before you touch those things, you will have to overcome the strange monsters on this land. Perhaps the player will be surprised by the rich imagination of the author. Because they have created a myriad of the most bizarre obstacles, the operating mechanisms you have never encountered before.

Obviously, you will have to upgrade your weapons throughout the adventure so pay attention to collecting gold. Although the farther and fiercer the monsters are, the higher the power is not the essential element that you need. All the flexibility of your fingers to avoid and counter attacks are more useful. Be assured!!!! Things are more and more interesting.

The last tip is that you should not be in the battle of monsters because this is a puzzle game, not an action game. Pay attention to using your intelligence and creativity to get to the final stop of the journey and discover the secret of the game. Items can open up shortcuts to move faster.

Graphics: animated styles

The graphics of the Ittle Dew 2 APK game is 2D, so it’s compatible with most Android and iOS devices. It’s not too heavy, but since it’s an open-world adventure, you need about 500MB memory storage of game installation. The scenery of the game is drawn in cartoon style as the predecessor. However, the level and some maps in the second version have been upgraded and changed a lot. Perhaps, Ludosity AB will again sell this game rather than provide free. If you use iOS, you need to buy it on the App Store. If you use the Android operating system, you may consider downloading our APK file. Adventure-based fun music and simple 2D graphics game is an excellent option to entertain in the free time. Enjoy it.

The game is coming. In the meantime, you can try the first version of the game: Ittle Dew

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