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King Of Fighters is one of the best console games on the console. It’s so popular that so many publishers launch similar games on mobile. Like the NEKKI’s Shadow Fight. Thanks to the success of the Shadow Fight series, we know that fighting games still stand in the current gaming market. It’s still a lot of people. Forget about PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, today I’m going to introduce you to an excellent quality fighting game from the leader in the Chinese Tencent gaming market. The game is called The King of Fighters Destiny. Currently, the new game is only available in Chinese. Tencent is open to allow pre-registration English version. You can register early to receive attractive gifts.

Simple PvP game

Fighting is quite simple. You just have to control your character moving around, using the skills available to knock down opponents. Although there is such a simple game player are not bored with the game so antagonistic. Because fighting games often have a large number of characters. Each character has its own set of skills, so the player can freely explore all the characters in the game. Some of King Of Fighters’ favourite characters will also be featured in The King of Fighters Destiny, including Iori Yagami, Geese Howard, Terry Bogard, Rugal Bernstein, Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi, Blue Mary. All the characters in the game have basic stats such as power, agility … However, it is mostly just floating, the most essential factor to defeat is that is player fight level.

After each win, the player will receive a bonus, which is used to unlock other characters. And as mentioned above, The King of Fighters Destiny is a simple PvP game. It’s so simple that the player does not need to upgrade or do anything with his character. Just unlock the character that you were able to fight. Thanks to such a simple game that Tencent has kept the absolute justice in the game. Whether you are rich or poor, it will not affect your victory. All are shown in powerful punches.

Also, the game offers quite a few different PvP modes. It can be mentioned in the team and ranking. You and your teammates will join in a match, who loses first, the next one will replace so that until one side has no one to fight anymore. The ranking mode allows you to compete against millions of competitors around the world. Of course, you will need a stable network connection to keep the solo process uninterrupted.

Impressive 3D graphics

Since it is a reboot version for mobile, The King of Fighters Destiny APK has an awesome graphics. Character design style is still the same but has been improved more shadows thanks to advanced 3D graphics. Of course, it still can not compare to the current mobile antagonists such as MORTAL KOMBAT X and Shadow Fight 3. However, as Tencent does, this game will definitely be worth the price shortly. Although the game is straightforward, The King of Fighters Destiny still has a capacity of more than 600MB. All this is due to the great 3D graphics that the game brings. The game requires a moderate configuration, not as rigid as PUBG Mobile. You only need to use Android 5.0 and up with 2GB of RAM to be able to play this game smoothly.

Although the official release date for the English version is unknown, you can now download the Chinese version to experience the game beforehand. The download link will be provided just below.

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