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FPS is known as the first-person shooter genre. This visual observation provides the player with a more intuitive, fun, and exciting gameplay experience. Because of the great features that FPS brings, so the development of this type of game is great, it is never outdated although there are many other types of games are variations from FPS. However, FPS still asserted its position in the market. PayDay: Crime War is one of the most prominent Android games you can try. This is a game developed by Studio Cmune. This is a great FPS 2018, and it will compete directly with CrossFire from Tencent.

Robber or police?

In the game will be divided into two teams with clear boundaries. On one side is a robbery gang, this team is dressed in dark colours and specialises in carrying out bank robbery and bring about vast amounts of money. The other team is the one who performs justice, the most elite SWAT heroes, are equipped with the best skills and expertise to protect and defend against these dangerous thieves. You will start the game with one of the two options. The number of people in a match is 8, so the game starts when each team has four players. You will be armed with enough weapons and essential items.

Best FPS mobile game

Your job now is to control your character flexibly, finding and destroying your opponents along with your teammates. Each person will have a certain amount of blood; a person will die when they run out of blood. And your screen will end when a team is completely destroyed. Two control menus are provided. On the left side of the screen is a menu that helps you control the character and centre of the gun, the right side of the screen is the menu of gun control, including functions such as firing, replacement, gun change, … Flexible combination of two functions This will make you become a professional gunman. However, it will take a certain amount of time; no one will be good at the beginning. Work hard!

The game also has functions and equipment for the character, by unlocking new equipment and weapons, your character will fight better, in a suit, or a better heavy weapon. Your damage level will decrease as your damage will increase significantly due to good equipment. This will be very beneficial in your next game.

Sum up

PayDay: Crime War MOD is an FPS or mobile game. With fun animated graphics, it will solve the problem that CrossFire has long been. These are violent scenes. In this game, you will rarely see bloodshed as in CrossFire. Instead, it is drawn in a very hard-to-see colour so that the player is not distracted. If you want to play FPS games with the most realistic feel, choose CrossFire. If you’re going to find a fun FPS game to entertain after hours of stressful work, PayDay: Crime War is my first choice for you. You want to be bandits or street protectors. It is up to you to decide.

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