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Someday, the world will suddenly appear strange phenomena. The evil forces always exist, and they conspire to overthrow the government, invade our homeland. To protect your homeland as well as your loved ones, you have to do something to contribute to this noble and meaningful task. Become a member of Ato-Ma in Original Journey, using the fighting skills you have to defeat the evil enemy and their vicious conspiracy right on your mobile phone.

Explore Planet Shadow

When transformed into the protagonist, you are in a place called an underworld named Planet Shadow, who is a rookie of Ato-Ma, the guard of where you are living. Under the leadership of the captain and with other teammates. Let’s fight the dark forces and defend our homeland. This is a combination of both action and tactics, so both factors are significant. Find out the terrain, take careful steps to avoid a sudden attack. By participating in the game, the player controls the character who fights through the obstacles and obstacles that are located everywhere. Available weapons for the player to choose from.

After passing through many levels, new weapons appear more and more for you to choose and unlock them. Award icons, money and other items are displayed on the screen on both sides of the screen, leaving a large space for the player to observe and attack the opponent more easily. The number of enemies may be more or less depending on the time, so considering the use of weapons is important to the player. Your character can be transformed into different classes of characters such as warriors, monsters … equip yourself with the types of equipment available in the store and pay to be changed. Discovering the secrets behind the games, they can be a key to finding a better way to kill enemies.

Graphic design and features

Finding a game that can impress the way you play is not easy because most of the games they use are in the most straightforward level so players can adapt quickly and slowly. Raise the difficulty level. That is the difference of Original Journey. Unlike today’s games where characters and spaces are built with great feats, the colours are so spectacular, creating instant gratification. For it, the very attraction of the first steps is the retention of the player. Sound and 2D design are simple with black and white, you control the character and let it join the game. There are a variety of weapons for players to choose from, as you can combine these weapons to better attack enemies. The language used is mainly English so it will be suitable for all customers everywhere.


Original Journey APK is a test of patience; it needs good fighting skills of the player. All tasks are not easy if you do not know how to destroy the hostile forces. If you want to find out more about the game you can watch the trailer for the game and use them right after the payment. Any problems or contributions from users are collected by us and try to perfect the game in the best way to meet the needs of customers.

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