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Upload: April 14, 2018
Updated: April 14, 2018 at 8:26 PM
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Did you know LINE? Are you crazy about LINE? So you should try “LINE RING” at least once. Joy is not self-generated, but you come to LINE Rangers, happiness will automatically come. Fun and cute? This game is enough. Initially, if it was just a media symbol, LINE Corporation is now stronger and released LINE version of the game on the occasion of the 4th-anniversary brown bear and his friends stick with the community the youth of the world. One of the most anticipated RPGs in the game is the brown-bearded defensive assault rifle with a love

A story that led to the battle of LINE

LINE has a girlfriend named Sally. In the opening scene of the LINE Rangers, Sally has been abducted by alien soldiers. LINE has set out to rescue Sally. And of course, Line alone is hard to save Sally safe from captivity, the friends of town LINE Town has teamed up and built a strong army of ranger to save the line cutepie. The soldier was there and defeated the alien army and freed Sally and saved the Yellow Planet from the threat of being attacked. Are you ready to fight now?

Lovely Ranger team

Sally and the Yell Planet are all familiar characters in the world of LINE, and if you’re a LINE fan, you’re no stranger to characters like Brown, Cony, Moon or James. There are more than 400 variants of adorable characters joining you in the ranger team. The Rangers will be equipped with full armour for battle matches such as helmet, armours, etc. Also, there are evolutionary items that help upgrade the ranger and increase the power. The upgrade will be explicitly annotated when device statistics are incremented.

The stages of the war

To reach the finish line, the ranger team will go through each stage with increasing difficulty level. Consists of a standard stage: Step by step to reach Sally and the particular stage where the evolutionary material is discovered. There are also attacks by guilds, where you show yourself to guild members for bonus points, etc. When the fight is too hard, all the help from friends becomes extremely valuable. Your army will be stronger with the participation of the guild.

Sum up

LINE Ranger MOD is a product that is meticulously caring and polished to each image, moving but still ensure the lovely in the action of the character as inherited from the image was built before. The bear, the rabbit with superior fighting skills and joy and solidarity within the ranger army, will be the most cherished thing of the game. It looks like LINE is trying to refresh its image than the RPG. And believe me, you’ll never find it time-consuming to spend a few happy moments with these cute characters and this fun game. Let’s try LINE Ranger today.

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