EVE: War of Ascension

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Have you ever thought, there is a day of advanced science and technology will bring human life out of space? As in classic sci-fi films, space battles and an entire empire built on the outside of the earth, all are beautiful human fantasies of mutuality the bright future of humanity. And to make those dreams real, the publisher of Kongregate has produced an exciting science fiction game called EVE: War of Ascension.

A True Mobile MMO

There are innumerable mysteries that humans have not yet discovered. The planet is full of ore or energy, and many other resources. In the future, as technology advances, people enter the universe to survive, and powerful corporations begin to dispute each other about enormous spatial resources. You will have to choose the path for yourself in this chaotic world. Head to one of the faction or merely be a mercenary. What will you do to grow in this tempting future world? Let’s explore …

When you join the game, it is your job to build your own control of the vast universe, fight to own rich planets with the rich source of resources such as power or metal ores,… and develop the space station as well as its mighty army. You will have to build a separate space checkpoint with multiple levels and various missions. Prepare a squadron of space missions for defence and invasion. You will have the resources to come from the dependent planets to constantly upgrade their facilities. And you can cooperate with other players, share resources and support each other in space battles.

The game recreates the vast space. Around your space station is the Milky Way with countless large and small planets. The space map will help you to come up with comprehensive strategies for defending or attacking. Set up your booths or observation posts as well as your fleet in key locations. This will prove your tactical ability. When your space station grows to a certain level, the system will ask you to expand your area by attacking another army. Attacking and defending are both advised so that both sides are prepared for the best strategy, use all your power to win.


The game depicts space outside the universe, so the colours go dark and cool. Space stations are beautifully designed and truly have a true sense of humour, just as humanity has entered the pinnacle of space technology. Sophisticated design with intricate designs will surely fascinate anyone who loves cutting-edge technology. EVE: War of Ascension is a great game, a complex MMORPG strategy game that gives players the feeling of excitement in images of the beautiful future of humanity. Even though it’s a war strategy game, it’s impossible not to make the player feel enchanted by this incredibly exciting space-modelling idea.

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