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You are engaged in the world of the most famous sniper guns in the world. The publisher of Horus Entertainment has recently released a blockbuster classic, promising to bring you the most stressful and exciting moments you can get: Bullet Strike: Sniper Battlegrounds. A new life is waiting for you, but do not hesitate to enter the world to experience things you have not known.

New style survival game

This is an RPG game that is probably too familiar to many gamers. However, it also has a lot of differences compared to other games of the same genre. Players who start participating will be selected characters, both in appearance, gender and nationality. Then, your character will receive basic training to be able to survive on this bloody battlefield. The first is the way to move; the second is the way the screen zoom when viewed through the viewfinder, the third is the way to remove the gun and change the tape, … And finally, the only way to become a survivor. After the war, it is also the goal that you have to aim for.

After the necessary training, you will put the right foot on the bloody battlefield. This is a battle that is set in real time, and it only ends when figured out the last man standing. There are many players across the country, and you are one of them. And in real life, you are a sniper, alive or dead, depending on your combat skills.

The battlefield is a large map, an old town that has been abandoned with many buildings that are well suited for snipers. When playing, you will not need to run around finding items or tools, firearms or protective clothing, backpacks, … All you have to do is choose a place where there are games. You can focus on your whole vision without being easily exposed, then shoot. Determine the direction of the enemy by paying close attention to bullets and bullets. Use the viewfinder to see far better things. A good tactic will help you win the final, do not forget to look behind you and do not stop moving after a successful shoot, a sniper cannot stay in the position when it was revealed.

After the game, depending on the number of friends killed and the ability to survive the battle you will receive a specific reward. The EXP has helped speed up the level, besides there is also a small amount of money to buy weapons and equipment to the modern battle. In the shop, there are many specialised guns to snipe, the more modern, the higher the price. However, you do not have to own a high-quality gun. Because you want to be a good sniper you first need a good gun, always remember this.

3D Graphics

The game has incredibly realistic 3D graphics. Characters are designed as real ones. The costumes were carefully crafted as soldiers or special troops, and guns and ammunition were all studied and described in detail as if shooting a 3D gun. So War scenes are well suited for the content of “snipers”, high-rise buildings with windows and easy-to-access facilities for hiding and sniping far from the real and beautiful. Graphic design cannot be impeccable.


Bullet Strike: Sniper Battlegrounds MOD is a game with a familiar but equally new style. Are you ready for the death mission, prepared to fight even if you fall down anytime, or are you confident that you have the power to win? Where your tactics are sublimated and become the last survivor, the mortal arena awaits you, quick to download and experience right away!

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