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Upload: November 15, 2018
Updated: November 15, 2018 at 11:43 AM
File Size: 900MB (v1.1.7)
Category : Action
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Armed Heist is an attractive online FPS game. Right now, it’s available on Android after a long time beta testing.

Have you ever noticed that making heroes has never been fun and easy? They need to fight with all the dangers of society and rarely get any real benefit. Although I know, heroism will have the same excitement and pride for myself, even to earn money by destroying the wicked. But there are some who feel that evil is equally attractive. Feeling adventurous, extreme excitement when pursued, or the benefits that can be received immediately make people fascinated. Bank robbery and terrorism are one of the worst things people feel the most excited about. Tons of money, explosive weapons, a series of police sieges and spectacular escapades are available in Armed Heist. As a third-person shooter with violent content, it is the choice for those who want to engage in the most adventurous experience.


First, when you participate in the game, you will feel it is like a movie action is transformed into a game. But instead of making sure the police are safe for the hostages, the people around them have to catch the criminals, you are the robbers. It is a joy and a danger. If you are caught by the police, you will be punished. The open world of the game with over 70 challenging missions will give you a different experience. Basically, it is a shooter, but Armed Heist challenges you with many different skills. The CRIME MAP will offer many options for you to take action. If you are not confident about firepower, delicacy and perfect plan, then try with small jewelry stores first. Once you are strong enough and have good partners, do not wait, attack the largest banks in the world to bring in tons of money.

The appeal of this title comes from the diverse arsenal and the customization of each weapon. Common sniper rifles and compact SMGs are available. Moreover, the total number of weapons available in the game is up to 30 types with many accessories to increase the power of weapons such as sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks and more. Besides, there are not only structural changes but also weapons that can replace their appearance by buying skins in the store to refresh. Not to mention the fact that the producer also invested in the scenery around the main character while playing the game. They ensure that Armed Heist will never repeat the scene the player has experienced. Sozap explains that depending on the player’s gameplay; the scenery will change, things will focus on enhancing the user experience.

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