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If you are a person who loves art, always dreaming, then music will make your life much more beautiful. Most of us listen to music every day with different types of devices such as mp3, laptop, PC, … However, the smartphone has gradually become simplified and replaced with other music devices because of the integration of many functions. With a smartphone and a high-end earphone, you can listen to music anywhere. When it comes to music applications on the phone, there are now many options for users. However, the most popular and most beloved application is Spotify.

Best streaming music app?

Spotify Music is the most popular music app for Android and iOS. Currently hundreds of millions of people use this application every day to listen to their favourite music. So there is the reason why you should download this application and use it right now.

So far, so many people have gone online and searched for the songs they love to listen to it. However, they do not know that they are accidentally violating the copyright seriously. In fact, the music played on unknown websites is copyrighted by the recording studios. And then, they downloaded the songs and uploaded them to their server for the users to listen free. This raises two issues, the first one that is copyright infringement as I mentioned above and the second problem is that the sound quality is not the best as the original record. The administrators of website compressed and use some other tricks we do not know because we are not experts in music.

Spotify Music MOD is a licensed music application and will have up to 35 million songs licensed in the app. You can search for any song you like and enjoy it online or offline. Also, you can search by artist name or browse album by genre. With Spotify, your operation will become more straightforward and easier

The experience is a lot better

The Spotify application on the mobile is designed in black tone as mainstream. As far as many people think this is a new design style brings a more luxurious experience than the Apple Music app. The playlist is the best thing that Spotify has to offer. The application automatically analyses your favourite songs, the singers you listen to suggest the best and best songs for you automatically. The system also automatically generates various playlists for a variety of topics, such as Study, Work, Entertainment, Music, so that users can discover more new songs.

Some of the significant features of the Spotify app

  • The application has no ads at all, and most have no bugs arising when used
  • Users can download any song for offline listening. Of course, these songs are high-quality Spotify acquired from famous studios
  • Sync your playlist with all the devices you’re signed in to

You can now use Spotify Music for free, but there are a lot of limited functions. You can subscribe to the app’s services for $9 a month. Of course, if you subscribe to the publisher, this is an excellent thing and if you cannot use our mod version. This version will break any limits on the free package.

Features of the MOD version

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect / Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
  • Visual / Audio ads blocked
  • Seeking enabled / Unlimited shuffle / Choose any song
  • Extreme audio unlocked / Repeats enabled
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