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The piano is an instrument that is not easy to get used to, and it is sure that getting to know the keyboard will take a lot of time and money. Are you a piano lover? You want to play the instrument anytime, anywhere, especially the hugely popular hits. Right now, I’m going to introduce you to a Yokee application called Piano – Play & Learn Free songs. This is a great application that allows you to both learn and be able to play the piano right on your Android phone. The application is being offered a free version with thousands of high-quality songs.

Yokee is a mobile game publisher from Israel. Their main products are games and applications on the subject of music. If you want to learn guitar free on your mobile, you can try out Guitar Free – Play & Learn, or if you love singing, Karaoke Sing & Record will be the best app you can find. All are copyrighted by Yokee.

High-quality songs

The first thing I would like to emphasise is that Piano – Play & Learn is an application that provides copyrighted songs. Yokee was very keen on buying all of his songs in the app, giving users the best experience when listening to high-quality music. No matter what genre your music is, who your favourite person is, it does not matter, this app has a huge database that will surely meet your needs. Even the latest editions of Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift have only appeared on the application after 1-2 days since the official MP3.

Improve your skills through piano learning

You can choose different levels for piano learning. There will be three levels ranging from easy, medium to hard. These levels will determine the pace of the score; if you are a newbie to the piano, you need to go from easy to hard. After each song you express, the system will have a scoring mechanism. You can refer to that score to assess some part of your capacity. Also, there is a great feature is that users can compile a song of their own tune to be able to play in that style. Also, you can share your song on Yokee’s social network so others can refer. The next is an interesting feature; it is like an online game is more correct. As soon as you show a successful track and score high, you can share with your friends and challenge them to see if they can get over you.

In general, Piano – Play & Learn MOD is a great application that you can not ignore, especially those who love to want to learn this instrument. You can open the app every night or every morning to enjoy melodic music with a cup of hot coffee. Or you can turn this app into a friend of yours when sad. Currently, the application has been updated to the latest version 1.2.401 with some new songs added. Currently, the app is free, but you will have to pay for some premium tracks. However, you can try out our MOD version below. Wish success.

MOD: VIP/Premium features unlocked

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